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A weekend in New York

I never wanted to go to New York. In fact, I couldn’t even understand why everyone was so enthusiastic when talking about this city. I was wondering what’s with all those quotes, all those songs praising the city that never sleeps, all those movies showing life in New York being so easy, fancy and glamourous. As a person who tends to take a step back when being overwhelmed by positive (or negative) descriptions of places, I wasn't fond of going to a city that everyone descibed as the absolute dream. Until I went there.

It was October and I was in Boston with my boyfriend. We both wanted to go on a trip and started naming cities that could be our next destination until New York was on the table. That was it. We decided to drive there to enjoy the full roadtrip experience. After hours of driving, we finally arrived. I still remember how I felt when I saw the first skyscrapers of the city. ‘Oh, oh, what happened to my rebellious self who hates all the fuss about New York?’. After spending almost an hour stuck in traffic, we finally arrived to our hotel, but we left almost immediately to discover the famous city that never sleeps. After all, we would only spend three days in New York, so we had no time to waste.

Exhausted but happy, we left the hotel and headed to Times Square. The city reminded me of Berlin in terms of its vibe – both cities are multicultural, vibrant and dynamic, and they give a sense of potential.

In the next days, we walked as much as we could but seeing everything in a weekend was just humanly impossible. Although we did our best to go to the main tourist attractions (and did a really good job given our limited time), there are still a lot of museums, parks and cafes on my list, which means that New York is a city that I will definitely go back to. According to locals, visiting for five days should be perfect to enjoy the city without being rushed. Seven days should be ideal for people interested in exploring the outer boroughs.

Moving on to the things I loved

-It’s always busy and loud (my boyfriend hated that).

-You can do things at any time. It is the city that never sleeps, indeed. I am just lucky to be a heavy sleeper, because if this wasn’t the case, I am not sure if my 8-hour beauty sleep would be an option especially since our hotel was literally a corner away from Times Square.

- Its diversity.

-Its unique vibe.

-Its breath-taking skyline

-Art is everywhere. Visiting the Museum of Modern Art was one of the highlights of my trip. I promised to myself that next time I'm there, I'll devote much more time (a whole day) to it.

Some last thoughts

Before going back to Boston, we visited the 9/11 memorial. Visiting this memorial and seeing the contrast between absolute loss and a city full of life made me think that even in the biggest and wealthiest cities in the world nothing lasts for ever nor should it be taken for granted.

The memorial consists of two huge fountains built over the footprints of the Twin Towers. The difference between these pools and a normal pool is that in the case of the 9/11 memorial, water goes away. It actually gives the feeling of absence, the feeling of disappearance. After reading more about the architect of the memorial, I found out that his main goal was to

illustrate this exact feeling of loss. As for the constant waterfalls, they show the tears of the victims’ relatives who will always be marked by the attack. The fact that the twin pools are perfect footprints of the Twin Towers is also due to the whole idea behind footprints: Someone was here, but is not here anymore.

To end this blogpost on a more positive note, I left New York feeling that I definitely have to go back. I think I may have repeated that at least 7 times on our way back and I keep on hinting it since. I really felt that there is so much more to discover. I guess next time, I'll have to trust locals and stay there for more than a weekend.

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